First impressions count. We know this. But putting in the effort to let our relationship blossom for years on end? That's the ticket. If you're reading this, we're already onto a beautiful thing. So let's take things to the next level by *really* getting to know Candy & Kitsch.

C&K is run by one human (Jess) and two pugs (Morpheus and Cola). A lot like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, with our powers combined we turn our passion for sweet treats and tacky delights into an assortment of products that bring back vivid memories. And smells. Some you love to remember, and others you wish to forget. It really is the closest we can get to bottling nostalgia and selling it.

Speaking of throwback TV shows (Goooo planet!)... we're also pretty conscious of our impact on the environment. We try our best to use sustainable materials, environmentally friendly packaging (where possible) and upcycle things into new creations. Cool, right? Now, all we need are some sick magic rings...

Talking business is cool and all, but who IS Candy & Kitsch?


So, who is the hell is this candy heart Queen and wreath makin' machine?

Jess is a 30-something-year-old with over a decade under her belt when it comes to running (aka: winging) a small business. As someone who has worn many hats over her lifetime, nothing has made her feel more at home than creating and making.

This shit ain't a choice, it's a lifestyle, homie. Jess has flexed her creative muscles for as long as she can remember. Her unwavering desire to create paved the way through her school years. This was then followed by art school, university, freelancing as a photographer, studying business to then eventually settle into where she is today.

This blue-haired, boilersuit lovin' pug mama from the 'burbs is fairly introverted and enjoys being a homebody. Jess generally experiences her most creative moments late at night (talk about a blessing and a curse) and can often fall down hyperfocus rabbit holes. This is usually when her best ideas start to unravel into gold #ADHDlife.

Now, with all the boring and woo-woo stuff aside, let's get to the important stuff:

Likes - Quoting The Simpsons at any given moment, Listening to Limp Bizkit on repeat, wearing ugly-comfy clothes and pugs.

Dislikes - Anyone who doubts her commitment to Sparkle Motion. And Nickelback.

If you have a pretty solid sweet tooth, you'll recognise Jess from For the Love of Vintage - the initial chapter of this business. This is where the signature candy heart design and Awreatha was born. C&K rose from its ashes. We blossomed into a more accurate and playful representation of the heart, soul, slobber and snores behind what we do best. Creating.

On an average day, you can usually find Jess in the home studio binging podcasts, drinking Pepsi Max and making yet another mess that she'll inevitably regret later on (and never seems to learn from?).

Although Jess is famous for creating her own chaos in the studio, rest assured, all items don't leave the C&K production line without all the checks and balances. Talk about a segway, because this brings us to our residential squishy faced crew...

Look. They may sleep on the job sometimes, but this doggy duo makes sure to report for duty each day in the studio.



Morpheus the pug is a gentle big boi with a heart of gold. He's retired his mischievous escapee ways (he was the OG "Door Dash" before it became a convenience service) and has settled into the senior life of sunbaking, snoozing and snacking. But don't let his slow and mellow lifestyle fool you. He means business and takes his supervisor title very seriously.

Morph is responsible for overseeing the C&K team. He ensures morale is maintained, and that life in the studio is moving as efficiently as possible. He embraces regular snack breaks when achievements have been met and is quite the tapdancing champion! Morphie isn't afraid to have his voice heard... even when it sometimes involves barking at clouds. And shadows. And the lawnmower. Did we mention the postie, too? Considering his loving nature (and limited teeth), it's safe to say Morph really is all bark and no bite.

Morpheus also goes by the following names:

Morph, Morphie, Morpheus the Pug, Morpheus the Gums, Mr Gums, Gums, Big Boi Gums, Bleeding Gums Morphie, The Most Handsome Boy... the list goes on!



Cola the pug is a firecracker. Who knew such a tiny package could hold such a big personality? Cola can often be found obsessing over her toys (mainly her favourite orange ball), begging others for "one last game" of fetch and invading everyone's personal space. As the fasted pug in the South East, some call her the puggy pocket rocket. With her go-getter attitude, it's no wonder she's the C&K dispatch supervisor.

Cola makes sure all C&K products are packaged up appropriately and shipped in a timely manner. Consistency is key, and she knows how important it is to ensure the customer's experience isn't a dog's breakfast. It's no walk in the park, though. She sometimes has to chase the postie down to make the pickup afternoon cut off. Who better for the job, though? Cola is so dedicated, she even taste tests the surprise lollies that go into each order to make sure they're of top quality. We all know she has expensive taste and isn't easily impressed... we have two destroyed Apple Pens to prove it. 

Cola also goes by the following names:

Cola Pop, Bubby Gums, Bubby Chums, Bubby, Mrs Gums, Nana Gums, Bubbish... the list goes on!

It should go without saying... but because each item is designed and assembled in a private home studio, some pug “glitter” may creep into your order unintentionally. Although the aim is to keep this to a minimum, please be aware of this if you have pet allergies. We guess this is just our way of letting you know everything has officially been pug approved!

So we just wanted to say hey! Thanks for stopping by, friend! Hopefully you like what we've done to the place.

Until next time,

Pugs and kisses, Jess Morpheus and cola xxx

April 28, 2022

The Pug Press

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