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Getting hitched? Planning the most important day of your life? Ready to spend fuuurever with your special someone?

You might think you've already found your perfect match. Truth bomb: There's still one thing you're missing... Us.

It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Whether you need candy hearts to make your day a little bit sweeter, a wreath with as much personality as you, or a design dream team fuelled by treats - Don't leave us in the dog house. Let's fetch your happily ever after together.

Marry Christmas

The Altar Electric

When a rad, vegas inspired wedding chapel in Melbourne wants their very own Awreatha, you better believe we're ALL in. Talk about a match made in Sin City heaven.

Rachael & Dani

Peacock Estate

Bradley & Emily

Pip and James

Amy and Kat

Amanda & Luke

Gemma - Gemma the Celebrant, Noble Park (VIC)

I also love changing into my  “LOVE PARTY” earrings for MCing receptions (once I’m using a handheld mic) because they really cause a splash! 

I used to be part of a celebrant association that gave its members branded name badges. I enjoyed the sense of legitimacy it gave me - it’s a simple way to signify a level of professionalism, authority or expert status when I’m going from venue to venue and encountering dozens or hundreds of vendors and guests I’ve never met. 

The name badge I was given wasn’t really ME, though! It was much more of either a corporate or a hospitality vibe. Both of which are not at all the look I’m going for at a love party!

I decided to order a custom “CELEBRANT” candy heart brooch, and another, and I have worn one to every wedding I’ve worked since. They’re a bit addictive - in the most recent round of custom orders, I splashed out and got one in every colour, so I can be SURE to match with every outfit! Jess is always keen to work with me on any custom ideas I might have, and I love her flexibility with custom orders.

My brooches give people a simple visual indicator that I’m someone they can rely on at an event. They signify to guests, “this person is running the show; she knows what’s up,” but also, “we’re going to have some fun here!”

I even wear one of my “CELEBRANT” brooches when I'm having a zoom meeting, or even if I'm just sitting down to get some work done on a script or on my business. It helps get me into the right headspace to know that now, I'm being celebrant-Gemma, I'm being business-Gemma. This is me going to work…but also I’m doing it super cute.

Keen As?

Found your something new?

Similar to a bowerbird, we love collecting treasure. Teamed with an overflowing imagination, we were born to create Awreatha's. Let's get talking. Send through some ideas (i.e.: size, theme, colours, special trinkets and due date) for a no-obligation quote.

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