Here are some lovely words from some really amazing people. Thank you to every single one of you for joining my candy heart cult! (I promise there's no cyanide in the Flavor-Aid).

Nikki, Coburg (VIC)

I knew as soon as Jess posted that she was doing custom Awreathas that I absolutely 100% had to have one!

I already had one of her Halloween extravaganzas and adore it to death. But I needed something I could leave up all year long; A sort of 'welcome to my home' Awreatha!

The brief was pretty simple but a little vague - something to tie in with the colours of my home (green, cream and burgundy), animals of some description AND fun and bright! Jess not only delivered on all of that but she absolutely blew me away. My custom Awreatha is even better than I could have imagined! I am in wreath heaven.

Each time I look at her (yes, my Awreatha is a 'she'), I find new little creatures hiding. It's absolute perfection.

Thank you so very much!

Lori, Narre Warren (VIC)

We absolutely love this unique piece in our son's nursery and will absolutely be buying more to have through the house.

Dealing with Jess was incredibly simple, she makes everything super user friendly via the website to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re after in your custom piece. The whole process from start to finish was really easy and shipping was really speedy.

Gemma, Noble Park (VIC)

When I received my Awreatha, this spectacular work of art legitimately made me ugly cry, in the best way.

Jess from Candy & Kitsch is a sugar-fuelled artistic powerhouse who puts an amazing amount of care and attention into everything she creates. Her thrifting skills are unparalleled, and her amazing knack for noticing detail allows her to see the beauty in things that would otherwise be underappreciated or overlooked.

She has a curious nature and finds genuine delight in getting to know each client to find out what makes them tick. With all her powers combined, she whips up a glittery fabulous craft storm for every custom order, to create one-of-a-kind, completely personal pieces of magic that are chock full of little details, and will have you squealing with delight.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I am pumpkin obsessed and my partner's sister (who is well aware of my pumpkin/Halloween obsession) purchased Awreatha #8 from your Come on baby, don't fear the WREATHER - Halloween range. She kept it aside since October and recently gifted it to me for my birthday in February.

When I opened it, I cried. What a special piece. I can't wait to find the perfect place for it when my partner and I move into our first home later this year. I already can't wait to buy my next festive piece!
— Elysse
I first found Jess at an interstate Supanova convention in Melbourne. I fell in love with her and her business instantly.

This is where the obsession began.
I have quite a collection of custom candy heart pieces. I've even ordered wholesale and the process was SO easy. Jess was a dreamboat dealing with my shit (haha).

Everyone adores my quirky quotes and phrases in my house. Her brooches and keyrings always kickstart great conversations.

Thanks again, Jess!
— Rebecca (Poodle & Peach), Toowoomba (QLD)
I bought Awreatha #8 from the LOVE SICK collection.

Even though I received it in the mail last week I hadn't opened it until this afternoon. I was saving it for a day I needed a smile, I guess (it's been a big week).

I just wanted to say thank you, it's absolutely spectacular in person.
— Taya, Wodonga (VIC)
I've been a customer for years now. I get super excited when I receive new purchases because I'm sure as shit the package is going to look amazing... And contain extra little sneaky gems to make the unboxing experience next level!

These pieces add magic to my spaces. I always get compliments for personalization and attention to detail. But really, I'm just riding on Jess' uber funky coattails and taking all the credit!

Thanks for not being beige.
— Coco (Hotel de Love), Capel Sound (VIC)
When you search for a creative genius that manifests nostalgic throwbacks into her art combined with injections of humour and inspiration you will find Jess. An eclectic soul, whose colourful imagination spreads nothing but pure happiness with her Candy Hearts.

Total fangirl right here!
— Candace - Little Lady Delilah, Adelaide (SA)
Jess’ energy and ability to create something unique for others is the reason I keep returning. To have the opportunity to get a custom made wall hanging created for clients, friends and even myself is the best!

To receive a wonderfully packaged quality handmade product with colours and slogans of your choice is epic. I also love that you can relive moments and quotes from your fave 90s kitsch, early 2000s and Netflix series by purchasing earrings, badges and keychains at the same time.
— Sinead- Golden Thread Photography, Fisher (ACT)
My custom wall hangings just arrived and I'm OBSESSED.

Thank you so much!
— Chloe, Griffith (ACT)
Jasper the cat with his collection of Patreon exclusive magnets.
— Sinead, (Golden Thread Photography), Fisher (ACT)
I love my Awreatha #9. The little tiny cat in the middle makes me happy and is life.
— Sinead
Gemma - Gemma the Celebrant, Noble Park (VIC)

They’re a bit addictive - in the most recent round of custom orders, I splashed out and got one in every colour, so I can be SURE to match with every outfit!

I used to be part of a celebrant association that gave its members branded name badges. I enjoyed the sense of legitimacy it gave me - it’s a simple way to signify a level of professionalism, authority or expert status when I’m going from venue to venue and encountering dozens or hundreds of vendors and guests I’ve never met. The name badge I was given wasn’t really ME, though! It was much more of either a corporate or a hospitality vibe. Both of which are not at all the look I’m going for at a love party! I decided to order a custom “CELEBRANT” candy heart brooch, and another, and I have worn one to every wedding I’ve worked since. Jess is always keen to work with me on any custom ideas I might have, and I love her flexibility with custom orders.

My brooches give people a simple visual indicator that I’m someone they can rely on at an event. They signify to guests, “this person is running the show; she knows what’s up,” but also, “we’re going to have some fun here!”

I also love changing into my  “LOVE PARTY” earrings for MCing receptions (once I’m using a handheld mic) because they really cause a splash! 

I even wear one of my “CELEBRANT” brooches when I'm having a zoom meeting, or even if I'm just sitting down to get some work done on a script or on my business. It helps get me into the right headspace to know that now, I'm being celebrant-Gemma, I'm being business-Gemma. This is me going to work…but also I’m doing it super cute.

Remember the Scholastic Book Fair as a kid? That's the vibe we're going for. But add pugs.

Are you ready to grumble?

Claire, Toongabbie (NSW)

The best things come in small, monthly mail out packages!

I absolutely love getting my Patreon Happy Snail Mail! The postcards are brilliant (Live, Laugh, Life, uh, finds a way is a stroke of genius) and the stickers and magnets are such good quality (like everything I've purchased before).

I've had to fight my kids over all the goodies included! It's such a lovely, cheerful package to get, full of nostalgia and fun.

Patreon Reviews
100% recommendo from me!

Patreon mail day is a monthly highlight at my house, and every order I receive is beautifully packaged and made with love.

Jess always takes the time to answer questions promptly (this also includes conversations about her dogs, life, creating, and anything else that comes up!) Yep, she's that approachable. Hit her up for a chat!

Give this girl some love. You won't be disappointed!
— Vanessa, Waroona (WA)
Stumbling across Jess and her business has made my house so much more fun and "us". From the kid's custom hearts for their rooms to my awesome mega dangle statement earrings.

To top it off, I'm also a Patreon member! I receive monthly mailouts full of candy heart art - because who doesn't love snail mail, discounts, sales, and pugs?!

Jess is ALWAYS on hand when you have a question or want something customized. No request is too big or small, and the service is impeccable.

Thank you, Jess! Your creations and IG stories make me smile!
— Dawn, Hill Top (NSW)
I've purchased multiple products from Jess; from candy hearts to t-shirts and keyrings. All products are top quality and highly recommended.

I'm such a huge fan, that I'm also a Patreon member and get the monthly mailouts which includes surprises like candy, magnets, and fun postcards of candy heart art.
— Tabatha, Blacktown (NSW)
I just wanted to say how much I love being a Patreon member. It's so exciting getting the pug-approved package each month, and I love receiving sneak-peak emails and early-bird sales!

I've been a fan since I first stumbled across Jess and her candy hearts on IG. Now there's no going back!

The custom candy hearts for my daughter's rooms are the cutest and still look amazing over 12 months after purchase.

I can't wait to see what new and gorgeous things she creates next!
— Leah, Old Toongabbie (NSW)
I love getting my Patreon packages every month! It's so much fun how each instalment is based on a different theme. I love collecting the stickers and magnets.

I personally don't like tea so whenever that's included in a monthly mailout, I give them to friends; They love trying the different flavours! Thank you for creating happy mail to look forward to every month.
— Maddii, Delacombe (VIC)
As a Patreon member, I wait by my mailbox each month for my Sweet Mail Day. Each instalment includes feel-good vibes with a poem, postcard to send to a mate, themed magnet, sticker, treats etc.

They're so fun and thoughtful!
— Sinead - Golden Thread Photography, Fisher (ACT)
Kate - Good Day Club, Sunshine West (VIC)

When "working with Jess was the best day ever!" just doesn't cut it...

Working with Jess, the qa-ween of candy hearts was quite literally one of the most delightful days of my working life. Professional, organised, and kick-arse, Jess is also warm, fun and a creative powerhouse. She is worthy of a thousand thumbs-ups and every gold star imaginable.

As seen in

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Are you the happy new owner of a FTLOV candy heart and want to share your experience? Or maybe you're a frequent candy heart flyer? Contact me and share your story! Bonus point for photos! I'd love to feature you on the website!

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