Custom Awreathas

Ever wanted your own over the top, ridiculous, kitschy AF wreath jam-packed full of all of your favourite things? It's the most amazing thing you never knew you needed... until now.

What is an Awreatha?

An 'Awreatha' is an experience like no other. Move over, boring hand-me-down wreaths. Hello, personality! These one of a kind creations are just as iconic as Aretha Franklin herself (the inspirational flex behind the punny name, of course).

Each vintage-inspired piece is curated with a love for the delightfully tacky. They're full of layers. You'll find yourself looking twice, noticing a new detail each time.

The Creation Process

A lot like a collage project, each Awreatha starts with a tinsel base, moves through the placement stage and finished with gap fillers. Creating an Awreatha is a lot like Tetris. It's all about finding the right piece of the puzzle. Whether it's various sized baubles, knickknacks, buttons or draped beading... each Awreatha is created via an organic process. With a 'don't overthink it, just make it' approach, they all start with a loose concept or theme and grow from there.

Wanna make your Awreatha that extra bit special? You can add your own keepsakes to the recipe by providing these prior to the production stage.

Keen as?

Ordering an Awreatha

Made specifically for you, your dream Awreatha can become a glorious reality. No one Awreatha is the same and the only restriction is your imagination. Custom requests are generally always open, and we'd love to brainstorm your unique ideas. It could start with a theme, a quote or an event. You don't have to have all the answers, just a starting point to get those delicious ideas flowing.

Custom Awreathas
Custom Awreathas
I knew as soon as Jess posted that she was doing custom Awreathas that I absolutely 100% had to have one!

I already had one of her Halloween extravaganzas and adore it to death. But I needed something I could leave up all year long; A sort of 'welcome to my home' Awreatha!

The brief was pretty simple but a little vague - something to tie in with the colours of my home (green, cream and burgundy), animals of some description AND fun and bright! Jess not only delivered on all of that but she absolutely blew me away. My custom Awreatha is even better than I could have imagined! I am in wreath heaven.

Each time I look at her (yes, my Awreatha is a 'she'), I find new little creatures hiding. It's absolute perfection.

Thank you so very much!
— Nikki - Coburg
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Jessssss!!!!! We are obsessed with our Awreatha. Big thanks for conjuring the most extra Vegas wreath for our Marry Christmas display. Love it! We want it to last for years and years!
— Dee, Sarah and Anthony (The Altar Electric)

Custom Awreatha FAQs

Got some burning questions? Still on the fence? Let's put those minds to rest.

What size Awreatha's are available?

Currently, we're offering the following sizes/shapes:

Small (heart) 20x25cm.

Small (round) 25x25cm.

Standard (round) 40x40cm.

Large (heart) 45x55cm.

Please be aware that measurements are approximate.

Does each Awreatha come with a candy heart slogan?

It's not a compulsory requirement to add a candy heart design to your Awreatha, but it's strongly recommended. Why? Because it makes them that extra bit sweeter!

How the hell do you ship them?

It's no easy feat, but each Awreatha is carefully packaged in a customised box (aka: a hacked up moving carton cut to size), tied down securely with colour coordinated pipe cleaners (which are pierced through the bottom of the box and firmly taped down) and stuffed full of tissue paper. They're pretty rock solid, but for the extra over-the-top touch they're also plastered in fragile stickers.

How the hell do you display them?

We often get asked what is the best way to display your one of a kind Awreatha.

Wanna hang her on a door?
No worries! It's strongly suggested that you purchase one of our Over the Door Hooks in a complimentary colour which brings a little festive flair to your new addition. Alternatively, you can find your own over the door hook from regular retail/hardware stores. 

Wanna hang her on the wall?
No worries! Heavy-duty wall hooks are strongly recommended. Large 3m Command removable hooks (for renters and those who want to avoid holes in the walls) or just a decent metal hook (for those of you who aren't scared of a hammer) should suffice. If you feel like more support is required, add some simple wire to the back of your Awreatha or even make a small hole/indentation to the back of the wreath (foam base) for a hook to sit in. As each Awreatha varies in size and weight, trial and test these options carefully!


Due to the custom nature of these pieces, all Awreatha orders are non refundable.

As each Awreatha is made up of a variety of new and upcycled products, they may present with blemishes and faults. These qualities only add character to each creation. All materials are quality checked prior to use.

Because each Awreatha is made to order, please allow a minimum 4-8 week turnaround. This is subject to change depending on the time taken to source supplies, based on specific requests.

Ready to take the plunge?!

Size? Theme? Colours? Special trinkets? Due date? Let's Chat!

Looking for something else custom?

Fancy something else? Well, duh. Of course you do. Spoil yourself with more custom products.

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