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Although Candy & Kitsch is open 24 hours a day to shop online, we gotta set some boundaries when it comes to human and pug availability. Our studio hours work around walks to the park, playing fetch and taking advantage of those creative bursts.

Generally, you can reach us Monday to Friday during business operation hours (9am to 5pm).

Because there's no recipe as to when the creativity hits, it is common for us to work unusual hours (hello, neurodivergent brains!) We have been known to send messages and manage business tasks outside of the general 9-5 grind because it suits us. We know not everyone is wired this way, and don't expect our customers to read and/or respond to any correspondence outside of regular working hours. In saying this though, this does not mean we are available at all hours of the day. #HealthyBarriers.

We endeavour to respond to all your love letters and pug fan mail within two business days.

If you feel like being pen pals or want to send the pugs a little somethin' special, go old school and direct your snail mail here: PO Box 228, Hastings Retail, VIC 3915, Australia.

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