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We grow our family by accepting wholesale/stockists regularly throughout the year. Here's a little look at our family tree so far:

Melbourne, VIC


The Queen Victoria Women's Centre Shop is a carefully curated marketplace showcasing locally sourced products by women and non-binary artists, designers and makers. For Women. By Women.

Mornington, VIC

Little Shop Of Horrors Pop Culture Emporium

Not your average costume shop... Little Shop of Horrors is filled to the brim with high-quality replica costumes from all of your favourite movies, TV shows pop-culture icons.

Brighton and Adelaide, S.A

Have You Met Charlie?

What initially started as a humble pop-up shop has quickly evolved into a retail space that offers a unique shopping experience for consumers who are conscious about supporting small artists and makers.

Adelaide, S.A

The Tangerine Fox

'The Fox' is an award-winning mecca for creativity, diversity and all things abundantly rad. Celebrating the talent of creatives and craftspeople, Adelaide's favourite gift store is full of brands you won't find anywhere else.

Adelaide, S.A

E For Ethel

E for Ethel is an independent retail store, established in 2011 as a café and retail store. Now trading completely online as of 2021, they aim to be a destination site, with excellent products, affordable prices and the best customer service.

Cairns, QLD

Eggplant & Poppy

Eggplant & Poppy is a gift and home décor store specialising in the unique and quirky in both handmade and sourced products.

Wholesale Love
Wholesale Love
I absolutely loved working with Jess on our t-shirt collabs! She was always prompt, super professional but kept everything fun. We worked out an agreement that suited us both, and made life all super easy - especially with us living interstate! The majority of our designs sold out and yes, I absolutely made sure to keep x1 of each design for myself!
— Eloise (Exercise Plus Extra Fries)
Candy & Kitsch x Cluster Fuss wholesale customisation for australian retail
Wholesale Love
I first found Jess at an interstate Supanova convention in Melbourne. I fell in love with her and her business instantly.

This is where the obsession began.
I have quite a collection of custom candy heart pieces. I've even ordered wholesale and the process was SO easy. Jess was a dreamboat dealing with my shit (haha).

Everyone adores my quirky quotes and phrases in my house. Her brooches and keyrings always kickstart great conversations.

Thanks again, Jess!
— Rebecca (Poodle & Peach), Toowoomba (QLD)
Wholesale Love
When "working with Jess was the best day ever!" just doesn't cut it...

Working with Jess, the qa-ween of candy hearts was quite literally one of the most delightful days of my working life. Professional, organised, and kick-arse, Jess is also warm, fun and a creative powerhouse. She is worthy of a thousand thumbs-ups and every gold star imaginable.
— Kate - Good Day Club, Sunshine West (VIC)
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Did you know our 'Did The Thing' t-shirt (pictured) was a collaborative design? Working with Eloise from Exercise Plus Extra Fries was so nice, we did it thrice! All our releases consisted of limited edition designs and completely sold out. #HumbleBrag

It's time to make your own fun. Let's start brainstorming collabs and custom items for you and/or your business.

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